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I have owned and loved  all three colors.  In 1994, Terri Boyles girl,  Venture Return To Sender,
introduced me to the world  of  chocolates.  

Colby  went into the ring with a bang!  She won LRCSC specialty under
 Sally Bell for a 4 point major.  Colby went on to win SVLRC under Mary Weist 
for another 3 point  major.  I am very sad to say she did  not finish.  She ended 
 up with 12 Champion points.  Colby was bred and Terri Boyle gave me a very  special puppy, 
now known as CH Venture-Deltadawn Hoot-N-Holler ( Hooter).  Hooter and Colby
 were bitches of a life time.  Hooter won Winners Bitch at SJLRC specialty, 2004 under Michael Woods 
for a 4 point major.  Hooter also won her 3 point major under E. Bivin.  She received 
her majors before any minor points.  She finished with 4 Best of Breed wins.  We did
 it together, all with me on the other end of the led .  I am  very privileged  to 
have had the opportunity of owing such a wonderful chocolate girl.  
                        Ventures Return To Sender